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Transport essentials and precautions storage tanks
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Tank transport essentials and cautions:
1, lifting storage tanks
When the tank during lifting, you must use the upper part of the four storage tanks were lifting lugs. And hoisting rope used must also choose the appropriate length of wire rope lifting angle of 60 degrees to ensure that the following. Lifting operations must have relevant qualifications or having experienced professionals to operate.
2, storage tanks handling:
Storage tanks at the time of handling, care must be taken to protect the outer layer of FRP. Tiny hollow layer tanks from the factory has been pressure -35Kpa about, which is to be able to discover early damage tanks designed. When handling tanks must be installed inverted support bench placed on the vehicle handling and laying 10mm thick shock absorbing rubber on the bench in order to prevent impact damage to the outer tank. If the strap is fixed when the place tie with the tank in contact also with rubber gaskets, prohibit the use of wire rope fastened directly to the tank, FRP layer to protect the tank surface. Note that when handling storage tanks must steadily, avoid radical, stop the operation or on bumpy roads. Do not use the support stand and sleepers were used when both sides of the tank bottom must pad the block to prevent tank rollover, and bedding with a 10mm rubber. Hoist taut tightening on both sides at the same time when we must.
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