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Gas station tanks must know emergency measures
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Tank itself is not hazardous, but the oil tank was filled with a great destruction, which requires gas stations with the necessary emergency measures to prevent the occurrence of the event situation, when an emergency comes, gas station can take the following measures:
(1) Close the tank leading to the outside of the sewer valve valve wells.
(2) at the top of the tank opened fire, foam fire extinguishing system must be started immediately injected into the tank cover thickness of 200mm or more foam fire extinguishing agent. Metal tanks should start cooling water system forced cooling the outer wall of the tank.
(3) The multi-branched DC gun fire from all directions (appropriate to avoid the wind direction) are concentrated at the injection aligned exposure, flame sealed tank top, making oil and gas cut off, anoxia asphyxia.
The so-called "preventive measures", we hope the emergency measures gas station tanks we provide the majority of gas stations provide effective role.
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