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Learn safe tank necessary safety facilities
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To ensure the safe operation of the oil roll, it should have 11 kinds of safety equipment and accessories on the tank, and kept in good condition.
  1. ladders and railings. Male should be equipped with metal vertical ladder oil, tank top located around 1 meter high railings, for operators and down tanks and safe operation.
  2. static grounding wire. On the oil tank must be installed static grounding wire, so all parts of the tank static charge buildup and lightning induced effects of electrostatic charge generated into the ground, to avoid discharge ignition.
  3. Install a lightning rod to prevent the tank suffered a direct lightning strike fire.
  4. fluorine protein foam box or quick connectors once the fire fighting tank fire when necessary facilities.
  5. breathing valve, hydraulic valve is to reduce evaporation losses, and can adjust the pressure inside the tank, from the tank attachment security role.
  6. The flame arrester is to prevent flame or spark to enter the tank fire, explosion of the tank attachment.
  7. The ventilation valve is for storage of heavy fuel oil tank inside the tank pressure regulator Annex.
  8. Measure the hole or holes are sampled for the measurement of tank liquid level and collect oil samples used. Require the use of aluminum products or lined with aluminum or copper washers, prevent friction sparks, caused by hot accident.
  9. The lower part of the oil out of the tank into the short tube should be to reduce the generation of static electricity. When entering from the upper part of the tank must, should anti-static measures.
  10. The inflation tubing is lightweight fuel storage tank, due to temperature changes caused by the oil volume expansion within the tubing, the fuel tank means the introduction of expansion volume.
  11. manhole, tank cleaning aperture is maintenance for the operator to access, accessory lighting and ventilation.
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