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Industry News
Tank inspection and maintenance items to check
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Every two months on the tank at least once specialized external inspection, not less than twice in the winter, the main contents:
       1, each sealing point, welds and tank leaks; tank foundation and outline any abnormal deformation;
       2. Check weld situation: tank longitudinal, transverse welds; out of the oil combined with pipes, manholes and other accessories in conjunction with the tank welds; top and edging angle combination of welds; should pay particular attention to the lower longitudinal panels , transverse weld and fillet weld plate combined with leaks and corrosion crack. If leakage, apply a light brushing of copper, coated with 10% nitric acid solution, with 8 to 10 times a magnifying glass, as found the cracks (Black) or the eye of a needle, should be repaired;
       3, the tank wall of the recess, wrinkles, bubbling at once discovered, which should be checked measurements exceed the prescribed standard should be overhaul;
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