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Tank Under what circumstances need to be cleaned?
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Since the oil storage tank often, so it needs to be cleaned to ensure proper use of the tank, and extend the useful life of the tank. In the company blog them on how to clean the tank to do a detailed explanation, and today we'll look at what is required for tank cleaning.
1. Newly built and remodeled tanks, the equipment needs to be cleaned and dried before oil, the tank must be cleared of debris.
2. Tank dress different oil, residual oil tank loaded on the new oil should not be mixed, to prevent the impact of oil purity or low-quality oil production safety hazard.
3, long oil loading tank at the time of the case, the inner tank is dirty, it needs to conduct a thorough cleaning and maintenance.
4. Tank leaks or other damage occurred.
5, the tank needs to be checked or flare repairs on welding, cutting the need for its removal to clean, to prevent residual gas inside the tank encountered when operating the fire burning.
6. Oil storage tank to a certain period of time (light oil, heavy diesel oil, lubricating oil, oil should not exceed 3 to 5 years) is found at the bottom of the tank water, impurities affect the quality of oil, ready for cleaning.
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