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Winter Tanker drivers may not know the anti-static knowledge
Release Time : 2016-01-06   Views :
Winter dry climate, static electricity generated by tanker to run on safe driving caused a great challenge, and today we are speaking about winter Tanker drivers may not know the anti-static knowledge.
First, make sure that tanker drivers themselves do not become static electricity hazards, with a variety of ways to carry their own electrostatic discharge out, supporting the wall, hands, touch a metal appliance without paint electrostatic discharge method is a good person.
Second, within the tanker and the driver himself as much as possible not to use chemical fiber fabrics, chemical fiber fabrics winter friction is prone to static electricity, even wearing off chemical fiber clothing can generate static electricity, not to mention the tanker with process because the road causes for friction stop, so chemical fiber fabric is a big taboo winter tanker.
Third, the use of electrostatic discharge device, the tanker will be equipped with electrostatic discharge static electricity generated inside the tank guided by a metal wire out.
Antistatic knowledge for our tanker drivers provide more hope for the majority of tanker drivers helpful.
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