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Tank effective way to avoid the formation of weld porosity
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Bubble tank weld tank for the use of performance caused great impact, then how can we effectively prevent the formation of weld porosity tank it?
The reason for the formation of a bubble tank weld, because rust and water on the pool have oxidation, on the other hand to produce hydrogen; welding method, when the submerged arc weld due to the large and deep pores overflow difficult, so generate pores tendency larger than hand welding; welding type, easy to produce alkaline electrode pores; current type and polarity, when not using the drying of electrode welding, AC power is easy to produce pores, DC reverse the tendency of the smallest pores, using alkaline electrode is sure to DC reverse; welding parameters, welding speed increases, the welding current increases, the arc voltage rise will be the porosity tends to increase.
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