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How to reduce evaporation generated during oil and gas recovery of oil and gas
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Oil and gas recovery, refers to the handling of gasoline and vehicle refueling process, the volatile gasoline and gas collected by absorption, adsorption, or condensation and other technology to make the transition from gas to liquid hydrocarbon, again becomes gasoline.
Oil and gas recovery is divided into three steps, once the recovery is a tanker unloading time. In an embodiment of the gas station and gas pollution recycling governance, one more underground tank nozzle when unloading, the tube connecting the mouth tanker vapor recovery pipe, oil and gas will be pumped within the tanker.
Secondary recovery occurs to the vehicle when refueling. Tanker inside installed a vapor recovery pump and piping oil and gas recovery. Come look like a mask of a cap gun mounted at the bottom, this is the back hood. When to vehicle refueling, back hood just will wear tank port, oil and gas prevents tank overflow outside. At the same time, there is a circle at the root barrel holes, oil and gas recovery hole.
When refueling, vacuum pump oil and gas in the tank is pumped back through the recovery hole in underground tanks. These two recycling, oil and gas will be brought back to the depot unified centralized treatment.
The three recovery refers to a petrol station to reach annual sales of more than 8,000 tons, it is necessary to install a condensing device, take temperature, low-pressure way to the gas station oil and gas condensate into gasoline directly back to the tank. As a result, oil and gas recovery into the atmosphere not only greatly reduce the harmful substances in the environment, air quality has improved ecological benefits, but also the re-use of oil and gas, bring some economic benefits.
1 liter of gasoline from the refinery to the owner of the vehicle's fuel tank, at least after oil depots, tanker, gas station underground tanks, fuel tanks four storage areas, and each container through a reservoir, about one liter of oil and gas to be discharged . That is to say, to the car plus 1 liter of oil, about four liters of oil and gas to be discharged. So much oil and gas will be recycled, it will save a very considerable resources.
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