Bottom loading (unloading) & vapor recovery system
Manhole Cover
P/V Valve
Foot Valve
API Bottom Loading Adaptor
Vapor Vent
Coaming Vent Valve
Vapor Adaptor
Vapor Recovery Coupler
Anti-Overfilling System
Pneumatic Control System
Manual Control System
Ball Valve
Quick Coupling
Service Philosophy
Corporate Values
——Employee-oriented companies, Employees and business prosperity
Employees are the main business survival and development, it is fundamental for the existence of the enterprise. Respect for people, caring for people, inspire people's enthusiasm and initiative, to meet the reasonable needs of employees, is the source of enterprises with vigor and vitality.
Enterprises should firmly establish the people-oriented ideology, with the clear goal to inspire people with the grand cause of cohesion, with a scientific mechanism to motivate people, to cultivate people with beautiful environment. To strive to develop human resources, stimulate their enthusiasm, creativity and teamwork.
Enterprise is home to the staff of survival, display to the fertile soil and serve the motherland and family support. Company revitalization, bring us honor; company recession brought us shame. Woe, through thick and thin, to maintain the common destiny of employees and enterprises, employee value and business booming organic unity together.
The spirit of enterprise
—&mdashInnovation Integrity Pragmatic Efficient
The spirit of enterprise is the soul, is the performance and characteristics of the vitality of enterprises, is the spirit of enterprise development.
“Innovation”Is the source of enterprises to maintain the vigor and vitality;“Honesty”Legal and ethical requirements, is based on mutual cooperation;“Pragmatic”We all need to proceed from reality, based on the current, down to earth, hard, in the face of opportunities and challenges, the development of the great cause;“Efficient”We need a high level of services contributing to society, and strive to improve the social and economic efficiency of enterprises.
“Innovation”It reflects the ability of the enterprise,“Honesty”Reflects the moral,“Pragmatic”Reflecting the corporate style,“Efficient”Reflecting the characteristics of enterprises.
Corporate purposes
——Customer satisfaction and promote socially responsible business development
Enterprise service concept
——Thank customers (your) trust, respect for the customer (your) rights, customer care (your) needs, understanding the customer (your) concerns and achieve customer (your) satisfaction, promote customer (your) success standing customer the angle of thinking, anxious customers are anxious, abide by the contract, proactive, trying, trying to solve engineering problems, and promote our customers happy cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win.
Bits and pieces of the customer's requirements must pay extra attention, and into our actions. Hard efforts, sincere service, water into the river, will bear fruitful results.

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